Freeform Thinking of a Restless Mind

Click click clank!
Talks the typewriter
Walks the middle finger
With its lesser friends
Over the metallic keyboard
Sounds like punching holes
Khich! Khich! Clank!
The same silver metal
Which shows her mettle
Why the queen’s face!
In diademed profile
On every penny and dime
Passing hand to hand
In a medieval time
When women wore corsets
And mutton sleeved dresses
And laces sometimes peeked
Under voluminous gowns
One of them spins madly around
Hems flying merrily about
Dancing like excited lovers
Two inches above the ground
Like dervish dancers
Whose slippered feet
Make the same scuffling sound
Like red-faced children and furtive criminals
That persist throughout
Time and space
And every man’s vivid imagination
Yet you’d think they’d be taught a lesson
By the great British detective mouse!


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