Remember Me?



Honey remember me?

Lying on the chessboard?

I was black and you were white.

You moved first ,

Like you were supposed to,

And just to follow,

I followed you,

Because you were a man,

And I was a woman,

And we were curious,

To see what would happen.

At first we danced,

Across the chequered board,

I moved back,

And you moved forth,

And soon enough,

We were enjoying ourselves,

Playing our strategies,

Like little children at recess.

I miss that playfulness,

That mischievous glint in your eye,

That ‘Oh I’ll get to you!’

Aha! But I made you!

But after some dancing,

And a little bit of romance,

Some back and forth courting,

Some things involving hands,

We found ourselves,

In the midst of war,

We hadn’t realised,

How we had got so far.

We thought we were playing,

A friendly game of chess,

But now we’re taking out pieces,

And calling each other names!

Since when did you get,

So possessive of your king?

And why do I feel dishonoured,

If I don’t win?

I don’t know what happened then,

I closed my eyes for some time,

We both did I think,

But fought all the while.

Then there was a storm,

I saw it and let it blow,

It blew away our pieces

But we didn’t let go.

So, no more kings, no more queens,

We didn’t know who had won,

No more dances on the checks,

And no more kissing in the sun.


(Hi, I’m Ranjini and I’m 21. Follow my blog by opening the bar on the right for more..!)