I’m Sorry


I know you think I’m hurting. And I’m sorry for you that that isn’t true. I’m sorry that you know it isn’t true. I’m sorry that you know that I will never miss you. I’m sorry that I am genuinely happier without you and you know that. I’m sorry you feel like you never contributed anything to my life and that that’s true. I’m sorry you know that I’m doing better than you. Am I supposed to prevent myself from being successful because you don’t think I deserve to be? I’m sorry that you have to watch me be happy. It must be killing you. I’m sorry that I never owed you anything. I know you wanted to hold something against me. I’m sorry that nothing changed when you walked into my life and nothing changed when you walked out of it. Everyone deserves to have some impact. I’m sorry that while you wanted to be the reason I was happy, I was happy anyway and still am. I’m sorry I don’t depend on you. But you must know, I don’t romance out of sympathy. I was honest with you and I hope you appreciate that. I know you don’t. I’m not going to give myself a hard time just because that’s what you want to see. I’m sorry that you loved me but I never loved you.


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