Circular Thoughts of a Restless Mind: To Do or Not To Do


Am I doing the right thing?
Is it supposed to be like this?
Such a pity that Caesar died
Cleopatra never saw it coming
Maybe I’ll deal with adversity like she did
What does the world have in store for me?
Am I supposed to know?
Of course not!
Nobody knows
Yet how can I live with such a big blind spot?
Feels like cheating myself
What do I work towards
If I don’t know what’s coming?
Just do what you do I guess
And let life take its course
What an ineffective plan
Sounds awful
If I live based on my presumptions
Then I’d be always wrong
And since life won’t listen to me
Easier to just let life take its course
Yes that’s what I’ll do
I’ll just go along with life
See where it takes me and what it does
Where it goes and when it ends
So do nothing?
Yes pretty much
Just sit back and enjoy
Is it a good idea to do nothing?
Well why is it a better idea to do something?
You’d probably be happier doing nothing
Because you’d have no expectations
Something like
You won’t lose anything if you’ve got nothing to lose
Anyway from my experience
Working hard ain’t a road to happiness either
A lot more disappointment
You set yourself up for it
You put your self into your work
And then when it doesn’t work out
You lose yourself homie
You do nothing
You lose it all
Still got yourself
So might as well
Yet doing nothing
There seems something wrong about it
Why do people say to not to?
Maybe it pays to do something
But how will I know where I’m headed?
Maybe better do nothing
Or do a little something…
Hello darkness, my old friend


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