Scared But Not Scared


I am scared of everything
Of disappointment
Of anger
Of hatred
Of boredom
Of being boring
Of stupidity
Of becoming average
Of not achieving
Of love
Of lovelessness
Of looking ugly
Of seeming unimpressive
Of being a wallflower
Of taking bad decisions
Of bad investments
Of not being the best
Of facing reality
Of running out of time
Of not being promoted
Of doing badly in my exams
Of losing friends
Of losing family
Of not being able to deal with situations
I am scared my poetry won’t be liked
Because my words won’t be rhymed
I’m scared I’ll oversleep this afternoon
Won’t get work done and night will come too soon
I’m scared of everything
I’m not scared of the world
Or what people will say
I still want to live life on my own terms
I don’t care that my choice of profession is not common
I’m not scared that I won’t ultimately do well
I don’t care if people talk about how I dress
I’m not scared that I live differently
I don’t care that my thoughts are unusual
I’m not scared of being different
I’m not scared of common sense
I’m not scared of saying no
I’m not scared of letting go
I’m not scared of being on my own
I’m not scared of being who I am
I’m scared of everything
But I’m not scared of the world.


(Hi, I’m Ranjini and I’m 21. Follow my blog by opening the bar on the right for more..!)