Orange Place Mats

Orange colored place mats

Remind me of home

In fact, they remind me of birthday parties

From a time long gone

When everything was flavoured chocolate

And chocolate wafer cones

Of ice cream and pizza

Of boys and coke

How the boys would dare each other

To do ‘daring things’

So pizza was dipped in ketchup

And coke drizzled onion rings

Maybe it’s a primal thing

That boys need to show manhood

By doing all sorts of unpleasant things

To show Darwin that their genes are good

Maybe it’s just a male thing

A consequence of their testosterone

That they need to get their blood pumping

Feel adrenaline deep in their bones

And with that justification

We watched as they tore apart our pizzas

Made drinks with coke, ketchup and mayo

And stamped on our tiaras

And as the years rolled by

And the dares got tougher

The stakes were us

We realised in horror

Dares went from kissing a girl

To driving at high speed

From failing your final exam

To losing your virginity

Oh and today, as I lay

Here in my underwear, as his wife

I chuckle at his ketchup mayo

And at the cruelty of life

How am I here?

Well I was part of a dare

He won it so I married him

Something to do with being a man, but it was fair

Yet sometimes I glance back

And give my five year old self a pat

Through the broken tiara maybe she will see

The orange place mats.



Lots of love

Ranjini xx


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