Relearning Pain and Pleasure

I think exercise is pain

You think it is pleasure

I think your land is inspiring

But you think it is unimpressive

You think my land is mythical

But I think it is simply normal

You think this dress looks good

But I think it looks awful

I think ambition is key

But you are content to just be

I think friends are a lifeline

But you think they are a momentary support

I think love is forever

You think the best romance is transient

I think skinny is hot

But you think curvy is sensuous

I think flesh is vulgar

But you think flesh is sexy

I think that heartbreak merits sympathy

But you think it merits strength

I think success brings happiness

You think your children will

I think day dreaming is romantic

You think it is a waste of time

I think romance is romantic

But you think it is illusive and misleading

I think practicality is inhumane

But you think sentiments are debilitating

I think spirituality is cleansing

But you think it is irrational

I think love is real

But you think it is an empty aspiration

I think nice is nice

But you think nice is weak

I like subtle poise

But you like shiny glamour

I look to the other side of the fence

But you are nationalist

I am proud that I think too much

But you are getting it treated

So, who’s to say what’s the correct way to feel

I know you’ve always felt like you are feeling wrong

That you are different, that you must live your life correctly

But what is correct

All of society knows

But maybe we don’t need to know

Take some and let some go

It’s time to unlearn and relearn on our own terms

And know what we really need to know.



The header image is about yoga because that’s what I was doing when this struck me. I fully and completely would recommend to everyone reading this, to try out yoga – you will hate it at first and no, it is not simply relaxing. In fact, it is also hard and difficult but it is the most cleansing form of exercise I have known, and probably known to man. It may not be calming at first but try to keep at it for a while and it will start becoming easier and beyond a point, it will become the most calming thing you have ever done. The reason it works so well is because it makes you aware not only of your body but also of your mind; it forces you to respect yourself and not beat yourself up about failures at work or in relationships. It reminds you of your center and how you are. And for this precise reason, there are many types of yoga and you need to find out which one is suited to you – fast yoga is good cardio but slow yoga is good for toning. My mom told me that. Yoga is not about clearing your head by focusing on not thinking about anything. It is about clearing your head by focusing on not beating yourself up about failing at not thinking about anything. You may need to read that sentence a couple of times :p

Lots of love as usual

Ranjini xxx

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