On Happiness

Is wave after wave of happiness,

What happy people are made of?

Doesn’t it get monotonous,

Following happy moments with just more thereof?

When do you get to the point

When happiness makes you happy no more?

When it becomes nothing but a bore?

What are happy people made of?

Is it a life of happiness indeed?

And is that happiness exponential?

Such that a happy moment is followed by a happier steed? (Yes, ‘steed’ was the only rhyming word I could think of, get over it)

In that way ensuring

That a person is always happier than a moment ago?

That happiness is never a bore?


Or is it gallops of hormonal madness?

Is that what happy people are made of?

Of experiences of happy and sadness?

So they appreciate joyous moments even more?

Are happy people just happy to feel alive,

And to be able to feel emotion?

Is t the openness to feel highs and lows,

And express past all inhibition?


Is happiness even the point of life?

Is it what we should be after?

Or should we just give in to circumstance,

And only now and then enjoy a little laughter?

For, who is our responsibility to,

In our lives, really?

Is it to ourselves? Our loved ones? Our children? Society?

Or simply to our species willy nilly?

For you might think that it is happiness,

That beats success, money, power, fame,

But aren’t we brought up in a society,

That teaches us to value these exactly the same?

And teachings have a reason, they do,

They come form centuries of learning,

So, presumably we must pay heed to them,

Or experiment at our own risk.

And no one wants their life to be an experiment,

So unless you taught your children,

Not to pay heed to teachings (though that would be quite self-contradictory),

You couldn’t make out of them, happy people.


But then again, is happiness a cause or effect?

Does it come with money or fame,

As a convenient yet controversial consequence?

Or does happiness stay the same?

For you may think its not associated,

With material pleasures as we are taught to believe,

But just for a moment, put those teachings aside,

And think about it just simply.


Hence, happiness is clearly both cause and effect,

So what is the equation to achieve it?

And if there is no formula, as is controversially claimed,

Are some ill-fated ones deemed to never see it?


What is happiness made of?

Is it moment upon moment of happiness?

Though that sounds rather dull and boring,

And boredom lacks the spirit of happiness.

What is happiness made of?

Is it the cacophony of human emotion?

Though presumably that’s a lot of sadness,

And interestingly, is inhibition a human emotion?

Finally, does it even matter?

What happiness is made of?

For those that have it don’t care for its components,

And others needn’t wonder thereof.


Ranjini x

(Hi, I’m Ranjini and I’m 21. Follow my blog by opening the bar on the right for more..!)