The Case of the Missing Time – Part 1


I start my day in the morning and before long, it is noon.

I don’t know how that happened or how it happened so soon

I know how the clock works from experiences in the past

But, somehow today isn’t it ticking a bit too fast?


Surely I actually did some work but wasn’t keeping time

Oh yes, I wrote a poem but it didn’t even rhyme

And apart from that then, what else did I do?

Let’s take stock, let me sit down for a minute and write a list or two


‘Things I did today’ is the title of my list

And on second thought, I’ll add the times as well so I can see what I have missed

7:30 am, woke up and did some light exercise

But I didn’t have breakfast till half past nine!


I sat down to work at about 11 am

And since then, it’s been an hour and I’ve answered some emails.

So, here are the questions that I pose to myself:

What did I do between 8 and half nine and between 10 and eleven?


Why exactly did it take me half an hour to eat breakfast??

And longer to check my mail, even though there was nothing important?

Where does the time go, I ask myself and you, my friends?

Because even with the breakfast and emails, I’m missing almost three odd hours as well!



Behold the irony: I have actually run out of time now so I will finish writing this tomorrow. It is noon and I haven’t gotten any work done!! Maybe my next piece should be about irony….



Ranjini xx

(Hi, I’m Ranjini and I’m 21. Follow my blog by opening the bar on the right for more..!)