The Case of the Missing Time – Part 1

The case of the Missing Time – Part One.. so, funny story ehe, I started writing a poem about time and then ran short of time to complete it so I shall do that tomoz (hence, it is called part one – that’s how posh people say ‘I couldn’t finish writing this in one go coz I ran out of time/ I cba). Irony abounds.

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No one knows why..

What’s a better alternative to ‘I don’t know?’; Have you ever noticed that no one knows why?

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Soft Sadness

Oh my god, I just found this piece that I had written (for catharsis) when I was in first year of uni and …. MY is it dense and complicated and ridiculous AF!! It wasn’t meant to ever be published and read by anyone but me so forgive the questionable writing. This was almost a diary entry.

I haven’t changed the name or anything just so people can read my thoughts for what they were, I guess, but seriously – if you agree with it then great but otherwise, I do apologize for what you are going to read. This is what happens when you try to micromanage your emotions.

Behold, the inside of my mind, almost literally. All the best.

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