The Lover

He kisses her lips,

Dissolves into smoke,


His touch lingering on her hips,

Her imagination runs amok.


As she passes through life,

Riding neither low nor high,

She pictures him by her side,

Once every fortnight.


He comes up in a whirl of smoke,

Kisses her forehead luck,

Carries her tears with the rain,

Helps her close her eyes and fuck.


They haven’t met in years,

Will never meet again,

But in her mind they are making love,

And have been, for four years, two months and five seconds.


(Hi, I’m Ranjini and I’m 21. Follow my blog by opening the bar on the right for more..!)



4 thoughts on “The Lover

  1. Why that ugly word “fuck” in this text which otherwise would not have been bad?

    If you wanted to rhyme could you not find anything better to go with luck. Raping or penetrating a woman does have nothing to do with luck or happiness.


    1. Ahaa, I actually put it in there just to make it that little bit uncomfortable! Made you think didn’t it? Of course it doesn’t have anything to do with luck or happiness, the idea here though is that she keeps thinking about him all the time, so much so that she thinks about him even while having sex (which she’s actually having with someone else because this guy doesn’t really exist in the present, only in her thoughts) 🙂


    2. To call a word “ugly” or discredit it due to the fact that it’s related to a heinous act is a little rash if you ask me. Some words do have power but that’s why we should use them and not be afraid of them. There’s a huge difference in tone between “I’m angry” “I’m very angry” and “I’m fucking angry”, though using a rude word, the point is made much clearer and there is natural emphasis in the statement.
      Also I seriously have to disagree with your final comment regarding penetration. If there was no happiness ever involved in it, then all sexual acts would count as rape.

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