These Walls Have Ears

We heard you had a fight,

We heard a tear drop,

We heard that you were wronged,

We heard you stifle a sob.


We heard some strange noises,

We think we know what they were,

We heard you have a wife,

And history of affairs.


We heard you no more love him,

That you were swept away,

By the man with the mustache,

That came the other day.


We heard you got your job,

For all the wrong reasons,

And that is why you keep,

The topmost button open.


We heard that you’re conformist,

We heard you’re conservative,

Mundane, dull, boring,

We heard that you are taken.


We heard that you;re a rebel,

That you’re impolitic,

That your niceness is a facade,

We’ve heard the anger underneath it.


We heard your sharp words,

Your tears and your rage,

We heard your life’s a lie,

And your hateful charades.


We heard that you were jealous,

Hurt, misled, scheming, opinionated,

But don’t worry, my friend,

We only hear, don’t tell.


Yet, when we know, everybody knows.


(Hi, I’m Ranjini and I’m 21. Follow my blog by opening the bar on the right for more..!)