‘By Society’

(This is not a rant or a criticism, just a pondering – me thinking aloud.)


‘Society’, I feel, is such a hackneyed word in most 21st century rants that it almost seems like a scapegoat. I am being forced ‘by society’ to live my life in a certain way, to do certain things. I have been brainwashed ‘by society’ to believe many things that I have only now come to question. Why don’t we get paid more, as scientists? Why don’t women still have equal rights to men? Why can’t I wear absolutely whatever I want, whenever I want? I have grown up, subconsciously to learn ‘from society’ how I should behave in certain situations or others – not just for the sake of etiquette but also so that boys like me, so I am respected, so that I get the job I wanted, I don’t give anybody the ‘wrong message’ while still conveying respect to elders etc. ‘society has screwed us over.’ Everything I believe – from what ambition should look like to my sense of aesthetics to my morals and what I find attractive in a man – has been fed to my ‘by society’. It’s as if, in fact, my whole world, our social structure and every perception has been engineered by ‘society’. Society has its claws deep in our minds and lives – and it’s hard to escape something that you’re born into. It’s like the caste system.

And although this society blaming is completely rational, sensible and well-evidenced, by this point, it seems a bit like finger-pointing to me. That said, of course we should still complain about – or at least, think about – the things we don’t agree with. Just maybe phrase it differently or find a different scapegoat word. (What happened to the good ol’ days when we blamed aliens for everything??)

So. In conclusion, I think pointing fingers at society has become a hypocrisy in itself. This is my humble opinion of course and is most probably wrong. But now that I’ve said it – log kya kahenge?!


Ranjini  xoxo


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P.S. Here’s what Oscar Wilde had to say about society. I don’t necessarily agree with it completely but something to think about… eh?


“Society exists only as a mental concept;

In the real world, there are only individuals.”

– Oscar Wilde


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