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You know all those times that you’ve wondered what the people around you are thinking, all the times you’ve thought, ‘God, I wish I could just know exactly what’s inside the heads of the people around me, really!’ Well, this is your chance to start on that magical and possibly distressing journey – which, by this point in life, you’d think you’d be able to handle but nooo – by reading about the thoughts of at least one fellow human being. Hi, I’m Ranjini and I write about whatever I think about. Welcome to the inside of my brain (and potentially find the inside of yours).

This blog is an endeavor to bring forth topics, discussions, musings and just thoughts that generally stay at the recesses of our mind for lack of the opportunity or time to be able to put them on the table, in our otherwise busy lives where political correctness is the only way up – unless of course, you have some other questionable assets. This blog is a dedication to all those times when something happened and we thought, ‘wait, that’s not right’ or, ‘I’m not sure I feel comfortable or okay with that’ but let it go because something else was calling and besides, why not. It is not a protest campaign. It is merely a nod of acknowledgement to the fact that not everything in this world is perfect and we are aware of that. It is not cynicism but neither is it blind optimism. It is merely self awareness through a debate of ideas.

This blog is a dedication to all those times we were drunk or high and thought we had ‘great ideas’ that got translated into stupidity the morning after. This blog is a smiling nod of acknowledgement to our ten year old selves and all the things we thought we could do then – the ten year old that still lives inside each of us and the things we still know are possible. This blog is all those ideas that we’ve ever had and all those times we really believed that nothing is impossible. It is when man first landed on the moon, it is when small pox was eradicated from most of the world, it is when America got its first black president by popular vote, it is when women started speaking up for things they never thought they had the right to, it’s when we said we don’t believe in hypocrisy and ‘taboo’ and countries like India started talking about sexuality, it’s when we started accepting people for whoever they were. This blog is to the day we first started drinking with our parents. The day we were not too young to wear heels anymore. The day we got our first bank card. The day we went to our first ‘adult party’. The first time we read the news and actually understood it.

This blog is every heady one night stand we’ve had where the morning after we had to go back to work. It is every thought, doubt, idea, critique, emotion at the recesses of your mind – not what you see when you just enter (that’s the more important work and other stuff) – but what you find when you go to the back and take a left.

I’m glad you’re here. Stay tuned.


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  1. “Where do u go to my lovely… When you’re alone in your bed?
    What are the thoughts that surround you…
    I want to look inside your head!”


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