Tomorrow is A hope A blessing A future we might regret A shallow pool of water Before we step into the deep end A trial Before the ending A definite Then indefinite As sudden as the realisation That today is no more Tomorrow is A hole in the knowledge Or depressingly predictable A lifetime of […]

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Do Over

What if we say sorry And start over again We’ll go through the cycle And try it till the end Would we do the same things over And over and over again Would we sleep on the kitchen counter And lie about our friends Would we take it slow and easy This time that we’d […]

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I watch breathlessly as life hurtles by Nothing is happening except in my mind Should I shut it off and focus on the truth? Or would that make life a little less worthwhile?   (Hi, I’m Ranjini and I’m 21. Follow my blog by opening the bar on the right for more..!) Image by Dane […]

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I’m Sorry

  I know you think I’m hurting. And I’m sorry for you that that isn’t true. I’m sorry that you know it isn’t true. I’m sorry that you know that I will never miss you. I’m sorry that I am genuinely happier without you and you know that. I’m sorry you feel like you never […]

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